Thedra Cullar-Ledford, Paul Kremer, Matthew Porter

FlatLand Gallery 
1709 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77006

March 11- 29, 2020

Public opening, Wednesday, March 11, 6-8pm

New Discretions and Bill Arning Exhibitions are proud to present
Betwixt: three artists from New York (Porter) and Houston
(Cullar-Ledford and Kremer) will present works that intersect
with the photographic without sitting fully in the confines
of that mediums specificity. Porter will share some of his
celebrated photographs of vintage cars appearing to hover
in midair. Popularly known as the “flying car” series
these works are a hybrid of hyperreality and studied, topographic description,
part bittersweet nostalgia and part ironic reinvention of a classic American trope.
These are combined with discreet small
images culled from the larger images that accentuate the cinematic
details the artist uses to imbue the frozen moments with a
complex cinematic narrative. 

Cullar-Ledford, best known for works in response to the double
mastectomy she needed in 2015 and the way it made her
reconceptualize her body as being made of removable and
interchangeable parts, will exhibit for the first time in Houston her
Endollinations in which living humans are transformed into life-sized
cowboy and barbie dolls .

Paul Kremer is Houston’s secret art star, being based in Houston
but rarely showing his twin practice here.
Having first achieved fame for Great Art in Ugly Rooms, a project
designed originally for online consumption, in which revered
masterworks are transposed into unglamorous spaces.
Kremer then achieved worldwide reknown for creating
luscious super flat takes on modernism that appeared already
transposed in time and space as are the masterworks. 

Part of FotoFest 2020.

Gallery Hours Wednesday to Sunday 12-6, during live arts nights and by appointment.



Justin Adian, Walt Cassidy, Peter Clough, Graham Collins, Lucky DeBellevue, Double Vision (Agathe Snow & Marianne Vitale), 
Paul Gabrielli, Christina Kruse, Cary Leibowitz, Jillian Mayer, Robert Melee, Douglas Rieger, Diana Shpungin, Trish Tillman,
Unknown, Gabriela Vainsencher

January 3 - June 1, 2020

Public opening, Friday, January 31, 6-8pm
Then by appointment only

Featuring a wide a variety of mediums - ceramics, wood, cast paper, resin, metal, video -
this exhibition explores sculpture. On walls. We have cheated a little, as two objects utilize shelves.
And one is floor-based. One is even a painting. Still, they are things on walls.

* * *

New Discretions is an art advisory and curatorial project by Benjamin Tischer of INVISIBLE-EXPORTS.
Affective Care is a functioning office space, drawing from cutting edge research and developments in multiple fields
to offer a wide range of services and treatments for psychiatric health, mental well-being, attention, and clear thought.

Visits are by appointment only. For more information or chhecklist, email: benjamin@newdiscretions.com.



1a: individual choices or judgments left the decision to his discretion
b: power of free decisions or latitudes of choice within certain legal bounds reached the age of discretion
2: the qualities of having or showing discernment or good judgment : the qualities of being discreet : CIRCUMSPECTION especially : cautious reserve in speech
3: abilities to make responsible decisions
4: the result of separating or distinguishing